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RWD Webmasters Help and Reference Site
RWD (Rapid Web Designer) version 7 is installed on your system.  The sites you are managing have been carefully constructed to address the content needs of your school as identified by your representatives prior to the roll out of your website.   You will need to populate your site with your school's content, but the structure is there for you to do so rather quickly and efficiently.

Of course, your particular website will need some tweaking as not every school will want to publish the same kind of information in exactly the same way.  Having said this, the methods used have been carefully thought out and represent best practice, so you are encouraged, wherever possible, to simply enter your content into the appropriate area instead of changing how you publish that information.

Please remember that most people who will be coming to your site are not at all interested in flashy presentation of information and twinkling graphics, they are there to get information about your school and the activities that are going on, and they want that information as quickly, consistantly, and as simply as possible.  Period.

Within this help site, you will see a growing body of content dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible web publishing results with the least amount of time invested.  As your community of peers shows common difficulties or common solutions, those issues will be addressed in this website, along with instructions as to how to achieve the desired results.

So, please come back to this site as often as you need to, and post anything you'd like addressed in the site to your webmaster's conference in FirstClass.

All of the help in this site is based on the HCPS Middle School Template Website, however, the concepts are identical in all templates with just a few differences.