Mashups - More Information with Less Real Estate

The image below demonstrates how an RWD Mashup page displays data from a variety of different sources in panels on a single web page.  Your School Home Page is a Mashup, as is this page that you are viewing now;  All of the documents associated with this topic are accessible without actually switching pages - just click on the tabs to view them.

Click on the image to see it full size in its own browser window.

This capability allows for a much better use of real estate on key pages in your website, as well as reducing the number of clicks a visitor must make to get to the most important information.

Each panel in a mashup will display the content source object - a document, a conference with messages or files, or a calendar - in a number of different ways that can be configured to suit the need for that particular page.  

For example, a news conference such as the School_News can be rendered as a list of news posts, complete with thumbnail images and a preview of the post, or it can be displayed simply as a very compact list of items that show just the subject / title of the most recent news items.  

Another huge advantage for you the webmaster is that you can distribute the publishing load for a mashup page to a number of different people simply by giving them access (membership) to the appropriate content object for them, all with no risk to the page as a whole.