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This object on the Home Page is nothing more than a simple document that has a link to the School_Calendar on it.
When you open the Full_Calendar Page in your site, you will see that it is a web page with nothing more than a link on it.  The Page Background of the Full_Calendar Document has been set to a light grey, and the margins of the document have been set to 1 pixel all around, instead of the default 10 pixels.

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The steps below explain the key aspects of editing this document.

The Link
Links in FirstClass documents look like a litte red pill that is associated with text or an image. 4292015_84359_1.png
You can edit the link by double-clicking on the little red pill.  The resulting screen lets you edit the link and it's attributes.

4292015_85124_2.jpgThe link itself is not actually to your calendar.  This part may be a little confusing.  The link is, in fact, a link to the same page that you have open - the one that is displayed in the Home Page as just a document with the link to the Full Calendar.  The home page is viewing this page through a mashup, which strips all of the 'web page stuff' from the Full_Calendar page and displays ONLY the document page body.  If, however, you open the Full_Calendar  page by itself in a browser, RWD shows it as a full web page. This web page is a mashup page that has only one panel in it, that links to your calendar, so the page body is invisible and is replaced by your calendar.   While this may seem a needlessly roundabout way of doing things, we really like how the new RWD 7 Calendar object looks in a mashup page and it is simpler to maintain than a direct link.

This link should not be edited, as it will break the functionality as designed.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you brought your EXISTING school web calendar over to your new RWD 7 site, you will either have to rename it, or, if you can't rename it because you have users who invite the calendar to events from other calendars, you will need to change the link / reference to the calendar in the Mashup.  


The Background Color
As you will notice on your School Home Page, the Full Calendar appears as a button.  This is really just a trick; The mashup on the School Home Page is displaying the Page Body only of the Full_Calendar web page.  The Page Body has almost nothing on it, and we've set the margins of the page to very small.  As a result, the mashup panel of the School Home Page will display a very small document, which looks like a button - at least that's the idea.

You could modify the background color of this document if you wanted to - perhaps to better match your site colors.
To do this, use the Format Menu and choose the Format Background option:
Then you can set the background color as you wish - but be careful that your link is still visible with the new background color.

The Margins
Generally, when you are viewing a document through a mashup panel, it is a good idea to reduce the margins of the document as much as possible.  The smallest margin that will remain saved in a document is 1 pixel for each of the top, bottom, left side and right side.  Using the smae Format Menu as the previous step, choose instead the Format Margins option and you can set the margins for the document to suit your needs.