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The School Home Page is prime real estate for the school's website.  Contact information is one of the primary reasons that people visit a website, but most of the time, they don't need too much detail, just the basics such as address and phone number, and maybe a key contact.

The Contacts Splash is for just this purpose.  We call it a Splash because it isn't the whole bucket of information, just a taste..
We accomplish this in the school home page by creating a very small and well laid out document in FirstClass, and then put that document in a panel in the mashup, exactly as we did with the School Full Calendar Link.

To edit your Contact Splash, open your Site in FirstClass to the Root Container and then open the Contact_Splash document.

As usual, click on images to view them full size

Once you have the document open, the first thing you will notice is that it is actually an RWD Web Page, not a pure FirstClass document.  This is so that you could, if you wanted to, view this splash as a free standing web page (try it if you like:  http://yoursite.mysdhc.org/contact_splash), but for our purposes, we are letting the Home Page Mashup strip the contact_spash web page of everything but the document content, where we put some basic contact information, and then a link to more information which is in another area of the site.

You can edit this information, but do so carefully.  In order to layout the information in an attractive way, it was entered into a table, and afterwards, the table borders were set to invisible.  

You can restore the borders if you wish by right-clicking in the middle of the information and then choosing the Format Table menu option from the pop up menu.  

Generally however, you should just edit the information for your school and not change the formatting.

Do not change the link, as it already properly points to the School_Information page, which is a full web page with much more detail (which you will also need to edit for your site).