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RWD WebMasters Help Site

Below are a number of the more common terms used in discussions and in documentation around RWD.  Becoming familiar with them will make working with the system much easier

General Terms
Definition / Meaning
The sum total of all web pages, subsites, and content objects that exist at a web address such as
Websites are a collection of things, not a single page (It is possible to have a one page website, but that isn't very useful!).  
A container that holds at least one web page, but that can additionally hold any numbef of web pages, content objects and sub containers
Subsites can be shared to other users so that they may publish content to the web.  Web pages themselves cannot be shared, except that their parent container has been shared first.
Web Page
A single web page that contains either a single document, or a Mashup of various documents and content objects
In FirstClass, an RWD Web Page is always a special form type that has a document area below the form for content.  The form can be configured to display only that document on the web, or it can be configured to display content from any number of other sources as well in a mashup page.  RWD web pages cannot be shared with other users, unless the container in which that web page is shared first.  
Mashup / Mashup Page
A single web page that contains a Mashup of various documents and content objects.  A mashup can contain one object (a document, a blog, a calendar, a widget) or almost any number of objects. Mashups are designed to have a layout as follows:
A top row that
Most school and subsite home pages are mashup pages because they have the advantage of amalgamating a number of different types of content in one place - such as news and information, calendar events, slideshows, and widgets such as Twitter Feeds etc.    This makes a mashup page much more information rich and often gives web visitors all of the information they are looking for without having to visit other pages in the site.
Mashup Panel
One of the distinct 'boxes' in a mashup page that contains a content object
Panels can be either self standing or grouped with other panels (in which case they form a tabbed panel that can expose the other panels when a web visitor clicks on the various tabs).
Content Object
Home Page
Message Blog
A view of a list of messages that features a preview
Content Library
A view of a list of messages or uploaded files that allows a web visitor to filter the data in a number of configurable ways.  A Content Library is like a Message Blog but has not only the additiona,
Configuration Form / Config Form